The martini glass is an iconic cocktail class that is both elegant and practical. This versatile glass has a conical shape at the top, with the walls descending to a single point and into the stem.

The stem designed slightly longer to prevent your hands from warming your delicious cocktail. Speaking of which, it is best to start with a chilled glass which can be achieved by keeping your Martini glass in the fridge or freezer. If you need a quick cold fix, simply fill your martini glass with crushed ice and Fever-Tree Soda water for about two minutes. The carbonation in the soda speeds up the cooling process. Martini glasses are used to serve a variety of cocktails, including the martini and its variations, Manhattan cocktails, Negroni’s, cosmopolitans, gimlets and more. Here are some of our favourite Martini glass cocktails from the Sprit of Wales Distillery.


1. Raspberry Cosmopolitan in a Martini Glass

A simple variation on the original Cosmo, using fresh raspberries to replace the dash of cranberry juice. A delicious and refreshing cocktail with the tangy flavour of raspberry sweetness. To make your own Raspberry Cosmopolitan follow the instructions below.

Muddle 4 to 6 raspberries in a cocktail shaker with 50ml Steeltown Welsh Vodka, ½ squeezed juice from the lemon (or 25ml lemon juice) and 25ml Spirit of Wales simple syrup. Add about 8 small or 4 large ice blocks to your shaker and give it a good old shake until chilled. You will know it is ready when condensation appears on the outside and becomes too cold to hold. Then, double strain your mixture into a cooled wide mouth glass with 3 or 4 small ice cubes and top up with Prosecco.

We like to garnish our raspberry cosmos at the Spirit of Wales distillery with three fresh berries on a long cocktail stick. One for passion, one for love, and one for good luck.

Raspberry Cosmopolitan made with the Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Welsh Vodka.


2. Woo Woo

The Woo Woo is the perfect party cocktail, made from vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. Typically served in a cocktail or highball glass, or even as a shot. The ingredients can be stirred or shaken, as preferred. Garnish with lime wedges and enjoy.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add 50ml award-winning Steeltown Welsh Vodka, 25ml Peach Schnapps, and 100ml Cranberry Juice with a few drops of fresh lime juice. Shake well then strain into a tumbler or Martini cocktail glass with a couple of blocks of extra ice, garnish with a wedge of lime.

Red Watermelon alcoholic cocktail with vodka, juice, lime and crushed ice, metal bar tools, dark background


3. Appletini a sweet treat for a Martini Day!

The apple martini or Appletini for short is a combination of tasty apple and Welsh Vodka flavours. Originally called Adam’s apple martini, not because of the biblical reference to Adam and apples, but as legend has it, a bartender named Adam created it. Create your perfect Welsh appletini this weekend.

Shake 50ml Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Welsh Vodka, 50ml Cloudy Apple Juice, 1 tsp lemon juice, and 1 tsp maple syrup (pancake syrup) in an ice-filled cocktail shaker for 30 seconds. Remember to place your martini glass in the freezer to chill. When ready, strain into a martini glass and garnish with a few slices of apple.


4. Espresso Martini, by glass not name.

Make the perfect Espresso Martini in an expresso! Delectable, yet cool coffee flavoured cocktail. A bit of a cheat really to call it a martini, as it contains no gin or vermouth. But it is what it is. Start by brewing your coffee or espresso and allow it to cool completely.

Place the 50ml Commemorative Steeltown Welsh Vodka, 25ml espresso, and pinch of salt into a cocktail shaker together with ice and strain into a martini glass. Add coffee beans or cocoa powder to garnish.

World Martini Day - Espresso Martini made with Steeltown Welsh Vodka from the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport, South Wales


5. Welsh Martini

Typically made with dry gin and Vermouth, and one of the best-known cocktails in the world. A martini all about personal preference. The key elements to success are ensuring your vermouth is fresh, gin is of the highest quality and the garnish is appetising. When stirred over ice in a mixing beaker, it removes the sharpness of the gin and vermouth. Classic in style and taste, try our twist with a Welsh Martini.

Stir in 60ml Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with however much dry vermouth you like (to your taste preference). The more Vermouth you use, the more herbal your Welsh Martini will be. Stir to taste, it’s about finding the perfect dilution. Ensure you cool your glass for a liquid-smooth sip.

Don’t be afraid to garnish your masterpiece with something that might seem peculiar either–personally, we take two pickled onions. Or if you prefer a more traditional approach, garnish your cocktail with green olives. James Bond, who?

Spirit of Wales Limited Release Distillation first release Welsh Gin Martini Cocktail - World Martini Day


Top Tip:

When serving cocktails with a garnish, odd numbers of garnish are used to create symmetry for the drink. Pair your Martini cocktails with one, three or five olives, raspberries, or apple slices.

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