Distilled for You

The Spirit of Wales is distilled for you in Newport, Wales, by passionate and friendly people.



About The Spirit Of Wales

Distilled for You

​We are a craft distillery in Newport, South Wales, home of commemorative Steeltown Welsh Gins, award-winning Welsh Vodka and Dragon’s Breath curiously Welsh Rums, vodka and 70% ABV Absinthe. Founded in 2021 by a team of passionate distillers, committed to using only the finest ingredients inspired by the landscapes of Wales and traditional distilling methods to create unique and high-quality spirits that capture the essence of Wales.

Spirit of Wales Distillery production manager James Gibbons and founder Daniel Dyer
Our goal is to create surprising and complex flavours and abstract stories on your palette; we give you a piece of home to treasure. We want to share the Spirit of Wales with the world so they can delight in the taste, flavour, and passionate Welsh fire. The Spirit of Wales Distillery prides itself on being environmentally conscious and sustainable. We recycle and reuse materials wherever possible.

Our Distillery

Igniting the flavour of the dragon

We started in our distillery with a blank canvas to create our space where we conjure up the flavours for our Welsh drinks. As a smaller artisan distillery, we experiment logically and creatively to establish world-class spirits with a Welsh twist. Our distillery space in Newport, South Wales, is where we ignite the flavour with our Dragon Steel stills. We put our love for the complexity and variety of curious experiments we test in a landscape engrained in the culture bottled for you to enjoy!
Spirit of Wales distillery production with James Gibbons in Newport
Reimagined from the perspective of the coal and steelworkers who built the tremendous industrial hubs of Wales, our speakeasy-inspired distillery is the venue for your next event. Let us welcome you for a drink and guided tour where you can sample the spirits, learn about the distilling process, and even make a bottle of floral gin or rum in a copper still. We host WSET standard tasting events, cocktail creating masterclasses on select Friday evenings from 7 pm. Spirit of Wales Distillery is the perfect destination for gin, vodka and rum lovers to experience our handcrafted flavours and artisanal Welsh drinks.

There are more castles per square mile in Wales than anywhere else in the world, six hundred to be exact. We recently declared our Spirit of Wales’ distillery castle number 601. It is fair to call ourselves a castle when we house sleeping dragons who ignite our spirits.


Premium Distillation Process


When we create our refined artisanal gins, vodka, and rums, we juxtapose flavour by selecting botanicals from the Welsh landscape. We also source sustainable materials for processing our spirits, like the Welsh coal used to filter our Welsh vodkas.


We approach flavour from a scientific point-of-view combined with the creative potential in everyday food, spices, smells, and tastes that mix that we reimagine to expose the new. Join us for a guided tour and taste the award-winning Steeltown and Dragon’s Breath Spirits.

Distilling hours

Spirit of Wales drinks are premium and refined, meaning you do not have to add much more than a tonic or another mixer, with a higher percentage in ABV, so one shot will do for sipping, mixing or cocktails.

Perfect Serves

Let us take you on a flavour journey with our award-winning drinks. Try them at the distillery bar area, markets and events around Wales or buy the mini trio to try at home.

Mathematician Robert Recorde invented the equals sign, followed by the plus and subtraction signs leading the way for British algebra. His algebra which plays an important role in developing our distillation methods.

Our Team

We are a small team of passionate people who cannot wait for you to taste the steel and passion in every bottle of Steeltown and Dragon’s Breath Drinks.


  • Founder and CEO: Daniel Dyer
  • Head Distiller: Beth Hibbert
  • Marketing Manager: Claudette de Chermont
  • Events Manager: Ben Harris
  • Finance Manager: Tanya Sultana
  • Distillery and Customer Support: Jeson Villanueva
If you are out and about this weekend, you can also meet our events team, who are ready to share a sample and a great deal with you at events and markets around South Wales.

Meet the Stills!

Meet the part of our team who makes the magic happen.

Full Flavoured Spirit - Rosina

Named after our founders Mum, Rosina (the Latin word for rose) is a StillDragon 600 litre still built with a Crystal Dragon column and packed with ‘Copper Rivets’, that cleanse and remove any sulfur aromas for a cleaner, full-flavoured gin, plus a botanical basket for infusing delicate florals into spirited creations.

Versatile Spirit - Ffion

Ffion is the Welsh word for Foxglove. A StillDragon 600 litre made with bespoke Eastern Europe-sourced copper plates and sight glasses, she produces truly versatile spirits, including rum, brandy, and whiskies.

Personalised Spirits - Copper Stills

Did you know you can make a bottle of gin or rum in just 3 hours at Spirit of Wales Distillery? Using a small copper pot still, you can experience the art of distilling by selecting your botanicals, measuring ABV and tasting before bottling your creation to take home with you.

Find out more about our award-winning range of Steeltown Welsh Gins and Vodka, or indulge in our range of curiously Welsh Dragon's Breath Welsh Rums, Smoked Vodka, or Absinthe.

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