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We have captured the essence of W. H. Davies and Newport in our delectable new range. It captures his zest for life in our citrus Steeltown Gins, his lust for adventure in our Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum, and his desire for simplicity in our Steeltown Vodka. Join us for an uncomplicated and unpretentious drinking experience at The Spirit of Wales Distillery.

Limited Release Distillation

Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Welsh Spirits. 

Choose from our range of limited release Welsh Dry Gin, Blueberry Gin, Welsh Vodka, Spiced Rum or White Rum.

This range features our range of Welsh Gins, Welsh Vodka and Welsh Rums. Premium distilled for you in Newport, South Wales. When we first experiment with our Steeltown and Dragon’s Breath spirits, we bottle them as a Distillery release brand for a limited time period. If you like it, let us know so that we know to keep it as part of our range of Welsh spirits. 


Contemporary everyday Welsh Spirits

Steeltown Range of Welsh Dry Gin and Vodka

Practical everyday spirits that focus on the taste inspired by the industry and fruity florals from the region.

Our range comprises contemporary gins with sweet floral characteristics accompanied by flavour bursts of citrus and a hint of menthol spice. Our Steeltown Vodka is contemporary and complex with delicate citrus and pepper tones that are bright and full of character with a hint of black pepper.

Dragon's Breath

Premium Speciality Spirits with Sweet Spice

Dragon’s Breath is an oak-aged premium specialty spirit that captures the spicy fire of the dragon.

This range features lightly spiced rum and spirits infused with cinnamon and vanilla with undertones of caramel. Light and fruity with sweet spice, woody notes, and black pepper.

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