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The Spirit of Wales is a no-nonsense distillery in Newport, South Wales. We create bespoke premium yet affordable Welsh spirits for you to enjoy. Our Spirits give you a piece of home to treasure in a bottle. A tribute to the people of Wales and their determined spirit, which we plan to share with the world..
Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin made in Newport at the Spirit of Wales Distillery with two silver awards

Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin


Have you tried our double award-winning Welsh gin?


Steeltown Dry Gin is a delicate mix of botanicals for the perfect gin and tonic. Inspired by Miner’s Fortnight and Welsh summer holidays, and the flavours of lemonade, sorbet, and a stick of rock from a traditional seaside holiday. Along with the fresh Pembrokeshire Sea breeze and ornamental floral gardens. Iechyd da.

Sparky fresh lemon peel aromas mellow into subtle floral tones from orris root and rosemary. Look out for cardamom spice in the background with bold, resinous juniper. Sweet juniper, cassia bark, and orris root, plus juicy citrus notes, are present when adding tonic.

Double silver awarded Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin produced in Newport, South Wales at the Spirit of Wales Distillery. Available from our online store or the distillery in South Wales.




Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum

Grab some passionate Welsh flavour!


With our award-winning Dragon’s Breath lightly Spiced Rum. Perfect on its own or in a cocktail, this is one you have to try. Made in #Newport, South #Wales, and inspired by our Celtic Heritage and Red Dragon.

Breathe in the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon; on the backdrop of sticky caramel and cloves. Next, taste a light, fruity start, followed by warming Dragon’s Breath clove spice and woody cinnamon.

A beautifully light and spicy sip.

Dragons Breath Spiced Welsh Rum Spirit with bronze award from the IWSC 2021
Spirit of Wales distillery Vodka filtered through Anthracite from Carmethshire Ammanford

Steeltown Welsh Vodka


Load the flavour and brighten up your palate


With our commemorative Steeltown Welsh Vodka. Made with Welsh water and filtered through Anthracite or Welsh coal from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales.

Our clean, contemporary blended grain Steeltown Welsh Vodka has soft vanilla and black peppercorn aromas. Next, you will taste complex cereal notes, bread-like and spicy, backed by delicate citrus-like freshness and black pepper bite, followed by a bright and cleansing finish.

Limited Release Distillation


Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Welsh Spirits.


Choose from our range of limited release Welsh Dry Gin, Blueberry Gin, Welsh Vodka, Spiced Rum or White Rum.

This range features our range of Welsh Gins, Welsh Vodka and Welsh Rums. Premium distilled for you in Newport, South Wales.

When we first experiment with our Steeltown and Dragon’s Breath spirits, we bottle them as a Distillery release brand for a limited time-period. If you like it, let us know so that we know to keep it as part of our range of Welsh spirits.

Spirit of Wales Spiced Rum on a wooden bar with a copper still with a stainless steel still in the background.

Visit us at the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport, South Wales

Let us take you on a flavour journey of our premium, yet affordable Welsh Vodka, Gins, and Rums.
The Spirit of Wales. A great destination to discover our Welsh spirits that embody a rich cultural heritage. Book a guided distillery tour, join us for a live tasting event, or visit our distillery shop, or stop by for a Welsh cocktail or a bottle of Steeltown Gin, weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.
We look forward to meeting you!
Make your own Welsh gin or rum at the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport South Wales
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