Enjoy some time out with our range of Welsh Cocktails to help you create the perfect vibe this weekend. Whether you are staying home or going away, here are some Welsh-inspired cocktails to try every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

The Spirit of Wales Distillery Bramble

Light, bright, and uplifting, the Bramble is a classic gin cocktail ideal for a Spring weekend break. Combined with our Welsh Gin, there are bursts of sweetness and bold juniper on the palate with a bright, lasting finish. Take 40ml Spirit of Wales’ Distillery Release Dry Welsh Gin and shake it together with 20ml lemon juice and the Spirit of Wales’ simple syrup. Pour the mixture of crushed ice and drizzle with 10ml of Crème de Mure. Once completed, garnish with lemon zest and fresh seasonal berries for a party pleaser this Spring. Get the Welsh Bramble recipe.


Glass of Bramble cocktail made of gin, lemon juice, sugar sypup and creme de mure

Did You Know? Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin is contemporary with sweet characteristics. The first spirit in our contemporary collection, Steeltown Welsh Gin features bold tastes of juniper, cassia bark, and orris root on the palette. Filled with lemon sweetness and combined with subtle violet-like tones from orris root and rosemary, with lingering cardamom spice notes. A well-loved gin in 2021, getting two silver awards in the gin category from the IWSC and The Gin Masters, along with a Great Taste Award in 2022.


Steeltown Old Glory Cocktail

A great cocktail that is refreshing and fun to enjoy all year round. This red wine-inspired float is crisp and delightful when served chilled.

To make this delicious berry cocktail, we add around 6 blueberries to the bottom of a double rocks glass and top it with ice. Then pour 50ml of the Spirit of Wales Distillery Welsh Vodka over the ice and squeeze the juice 25ml, lemon juice, and 20ml of the Spirit of Wales Distillery Simple Syrup into a cocktail shaker. Give it a vigorous shake for a couple of seconds and strain the mixture over the ice and blueberries. Pour a red wine (we prefer a Malbec or something deep and fruity) over the concoction with a teaspoon to create your own red wine float. Before serving your Old Glory, garnish it with a skewer of blueberries and a slice of lime. Get the Welsh-inspired Old Glory recipe.


Old Glory Cocktail with blueberries and lime

Did you know? The Spirit of Wales Distillery makes its vodka with Welsh Water, filtered through Welsh Coal or Anthracite. This filtering process results in a uniquely clean and quality Welsh Vodka as the carbon helps smooth the flavour.

Dragon’s Breath and Cola for some spicy chill over the weekend.

A refreshing cocktail with spice and definitely a distillery favourite! Expressive with hints of vanilla and crushed black pepper characteristics. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 50ml Spirit of Wales Lightly Spiced Welsh Rum over it. Add 126ml Fever Tree and a wedge or slices of lime. Stir and enjoy this dragon-inspired refreshing drink. Get our Dragon and Cola recipe.


Spirit of Wales Dragon and cola with lime

Did you know? The Spirit of Wales Distillery Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum provides a hint of fresh citrus and cloves, which combine to form sweet cola aromas. A subtle woody flavour, with a warm feeling of mouth-tingling pepper provided by our dragon, while the citrus provides a light and fruity taste. We infuse the Lightly Spiced Welsh Rum with cinnamon, vanilla on a foundation of sticky caramel.


The Spirit of Wales Distillery Negroni Cocktail

A contemporary cocktail, but with sweet characteristics. Popularised by the Italians, we have given this popular and refined cocktail its own Welsh flair. Traditionally stirred, not shaken by this cocktail and built over ice in a rock glass – a great way to start an evening out. Forget minutes, you can make this Gin cocktail in seconds. Simply pour 25ml of Spirit of Wales Dry Welsh gin, 25ml Vermouth, and 25ml Campari into your favourite glass over a couple of blocks of ice. Stir it down to your preferred taste and add a strip of twisted orange zest for some flair and to add to the potion. Swirl, sip, and enjoy! Get the Negroni recipe.


Cocktail Negroni on a old wooden board. Drink with gin, campari martini rosso and orange


The Spirit of Wales Caipirovska

Like the Caipirinha, but prepared with our Welsh Vodka instead of the traditional Cachaca. The Caipirovska or Caipivodka cocktail has a punchy lime flavour, with a strong vodka taste, is simple to make, and easy to drink. Cheers! Cut a lime into small chunks and place it at the bottom of a sturdy tumbler. Add 2 teaspoons of brown granulated sugar and crush the mixture well with a muddler or spoon. Once you have mixed the lime and sugar, top your tumbler with crushed ice and add 50ml Spirit of Wales Distillery Welsh Vodka. Stir gently to combine all the ingredients together, serve and enjoy! Get our Caipirovska recipe.

a Caipiroska on an ice frappe.

Did you know? Our contemporary Steeltown Welsh Vodka is both bright and cleansing. Filtered through Ammanford Anthracite “a tip of the hat” to Newport and Welsh Industries that inspired this earthy Welsh Vodka.

FUN FACT! The type of glass you used to make your cocktail can change the taste of your drink.

Different cocktail glass sizes and mouths are not just about aesthetics and making the perfect-looking cocktail, but they can enhance the flavour and bring out unique aspects of your Welsh cocktail. We serve these cocktails in rock glasses, except for the Dragon and Cola. These rock glasses are great for serving cocktails with more alcohol than mixers and can allow for large ice cubes and space to stir your cocktail. The big mouth opening is also a great way to smell the complex aromas within your drink. Join us for a guided tour of our distillery in Newport to find out more.



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Enjoy your weekend! Iechyd da

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