It’s time to shake or stir up some gin, vermouth, and ice on 19th June 2021, because it is World Martini Day! The Martini is one of the world’s best-known cocktails. Created with equal parts gin and vermouth with ice and a lemon twist or green olives. It doesn’t matter how you prefer your Martini on World Martini Day. Shaken, stirred, an olive, dry, or with pickled onion, the Martini is a versatile cocktail. Martinis are an excellent cocktail to serve with hors d’oeuvres and served first at cocktail parties.

Make the perfect Welsh Martini on World Martini Day

The Martini is simple to make, usually only two ingredients with simple steps and a single garnish. Get classy with the Spirit of Wales Distillery this World Martini Day using our new signature release Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin. When stirred over ice in a mixing beaker, it removes the sharpness of the gin and vermouth. Classic in style and taste, try our twist with a Welsh Martini. Stir in 60ml Limited Release Distillation Dry Welsh Gin with however much dry vermouth you like (to your taste preference).

The more Vermouth you use, the more herbal your Welsh Martini will be. Stir to taste until you find your preferred and perfect dilution. Don’t be afraid to garnish your masterpiece with something that might seem peculiar either–personally, we take two pickled onions. Or if you prefer a more traditional approach, garnish your cocktail with green olives.

Spirit of Wales Distillery Limited Release gin used to make cocktails this World Martini Day

Top Tip! Cool your glass in the freezer for a liquid-smooth sip.

The Classic Martini for World Martini Day.

James Bond, who? A martini all about preference. The key elements to success are ensuring your vermouth is fresh, gin is of the highest quality and the garnish is appetizing.

The Martini is a sophisticated drink, You can enjoy your classic Martini in a variety of ways too. Here are some essential lingo and variations to get you ready for classic Martini’s this World Martini Day!

  1. Straight up – A Martini served without ice, either shaken or stirred.
  2. Shaken – Using a shaker is fine, but remember, the ice will water down the drink and add air bubbles to your Martini.
  3. Stirred – This is our preferred way to make a Martini on World Martini Day. Stirred Martini’s have a smooth, full, and flavourful experience.
  4. Dirty – Made with olive brine.
  5. Dry – The Welsh Gin is the primary spirit, with less vermouth added.
  6. Gibson or Welsh – This is the way we love our Welsh Martini, with a pickled onion to replace the olives.
  7. Smokey Martini – Replace the vermouth with whiskey with a twist of lemon.
  8. Wet – More vermouth, less gin.
  9. With a twist – Garnished with a thin strip of citrus peel.


World Martini Day with the Spirit of Wales Signature release Steeltown Dry Welsh gin

Martini – Did you know?

A Martini is an exceptional way to enhance and highlight the flavours of our Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin. Steeltown Welsh Gin is a contemporary dry gin, with sweet characteristics and tastes of juniper, cassia bark and orris root on the palette. A gin filled with lemony sweetness and subtle violet-like tones from orris root and rosemary. Highlighted by a lingering cardamom spice and bold juniper notes. Most people drink gin with tonic water, which is a splendid way to bring out the juniper. If you prefer, you can substitute the gin with our Steeltown Vodka.

If you do choose to have our gin with tonic water, we recommend pairing it with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. #mixwiththebest

Steeltown Welsh Gin with Fever Tr

Variations to try this World Martini Day

Not a fan of the classic Martini? Here are some cocktails to make using a martini glass this weekend to celebrate World Martini Day, anyway!

We plan to start our World Martini Day with an Espresso Martini made with our Steeltown Welsh Vodka. The perfect Espresso Martini in an expresso! As simple as the classic Martini, we simply love this espresso and anthracite filtered Welsh Vodka. Delectable and crisp, yet cool for a full coffee flavoured Martini. A bit of a cheat really to call it a martini, especially on World Martini Day, but we don’t care that it contains no gin or vermouth. We love this cool caffeine-centered cocktail.

To make your own Espresso Martini this World Martini Day, start by brewing your coffee or espresso and allow it to cool completely. Place the 50ml Steeltown Welsh Vodka, 25ml espresso, and pinch of salt into a cocktail shaker together with ice and strain into a martini glass. Add coffee beans or cocoa powder to garnish.

Which Martini will you be trying, let us know in the comments? #NationalMartiniDay #WorldMartiniDay