Gift Card – Make your own gin or rum with the Spirit of Wales


Nothing better than giving someone an experience that they will treasure every time they have a drink.

We offer, make your own rum or gin experiences at the Spirit of Wales Distillery for 1 or 2 people using a copper pot still.

Select from our 2 experience tickets

  • If you would like to buy a gift for a friend or family member, then buy a gift voucher for 1 person.
  • If you would like to spoil your favourite couple, select a gift voucher for 2 people.

Each make-your-own Welsh spirit experience lasts 3 hours and includes a bottle of gin or rum to take home.

An authentic experience and a bottle of Welsh spirits sound like the perfect gift to us.

Find out more about our Make Your Own gin or rum experiences.

Spirit of Wales Distillery - Make your own gin or rum Botanicals jar

Additional Information

Gift Card: Make your own Gin or Rum

2 people sharing a still, 1 person using their own still


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Our Experiences

We welcome you to visit our Newport Distillery for an authentic Welsh experience.

Choose from our guided distillery tours, live tasting evenings, or visit us to make your own gin or rum..

The Spirit of Wales. A great destination to discover our Welsh spirits that embody a rich cultural heritage.

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