Dragon’s Breath Welsh Absinthe


Curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Absinthe – 70% ABV

The fiercest Dragon of them all. A modern Welsh Absinthe with soft anise aromas and herbaceous florals with mellow wormwood tones. Pleasant, sweet anise to start, followed by citrus and floral touches. Finishing with a sweetness and a lingering pithy bitterness that is both oily and volatile whilst sipping.


Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is an oak-aged premium specialty spirit that captures the spicy fire of the dragon. This range features lightly spiced rum and spirits infused with cinnamon and vanilla with undertones of caramel. Light and fruity with sweet spice, woody notes, and black pepper.

Try our Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum today and ignite the Welsh within.

Cocktails by Spirit of Wales

With every bottle of premium Spirit of Wales product, we celebrate Wales and their Celtic and industrial history that inspire us. Our castle is our distillery where ignite flavour from our red dragon.


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