Father’s Day is just around the corner, and the perfect time to show your dad, stepdad, or any father figure how much you appreciate them. Whether he’s Dad, Daddy, Tad, Grandad, Bampi, or Donk this year, why not let the Spirit of Wales Distillery guide you to something local, something Welsh, and something that he will love this Father’s Day?

Celebrate Father’s Day with Distinctive Gifts from Wales. If your dad is a rum lover, a cocktail enthusiast, or enjoys a well-crafted gin, we have put together the perfect gift guide for your Welsh Gifts for this Father’s Day to delight and impress. Upgrade Dad from socks to spirits, ties to tours, and mugs to a bottle of rum! We have a variety of unique gifts to immerse into the Spirit of Wales flavour journey.

Celebrate Dad with a Bottle of Welsh Rum

If your father enjoys the rich, smooth taste of a hand-crafted spiced rum, our curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Welsh Rum is a must-try. Great for sipping on its own over ice or a fantastic addition to cocktails with an extra dash of spice. Buy your bottle of Spiced Welsh Rum here or double up the love and get him the collection by adding on a bottle of Mocha Rum. On offer now, with free delivery in the UK. Tap to buy the Welsh Rum deal!

Make a Father’s Day Inspired Rum

There are two options here: pop by the distillery to make rum inspired by your dad to enjoy on the special day. Or invite him to become the distiller and make his own bottle? A two-hour experience with our distillery experts and insider knowledge before making your bottle of rum. This experience is perfect for creating a spirit you can share at home and remember the special day. Book a rum-making experience for 2 people sharing a still this June and save £40. Use the Coupon Code: MYOJUNE at the checkout. Valid until 30 June 2023.


Special Offer – Book a rum-making experience for 2 people sharing a still this June and save £40. Tap to book a still for 2. Valid until 30 June 2023.


Father’s Day Gift Pack from Wales

If your dad enjoys mixing and experimenting with flavours, this award-winning mini trio is an ideal choice. The gift pack has our commemorative Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin, Welsh Vodka and the curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum. Pair it with a stylish cocktail shaker or cocktail recipe book to inspire his mixology adventures.

Spoil Dad with a guided distillery tour

If you want to create lasting memories with your dad, treat him to a distillery tour and tasting experience. Starting with a welcome drink, next, we will show you a behind-the-scenes view of crafting our award-winning spirits with a choice of 3 tasters. This immersive experience with an appreciation for the art of distillation it our top pick to enjoy this Father’s Day. Usually priced at £18 per person or use our voucher code TOUR50 for a half-price tour. Bookings are available from Wednesday to Saturday. Find out more and book your Father’s Day Tour.

Special Offer – Get a half price guided distillery tour with tasters. Valid until 30 June 2023.


Ignite Dad’s sense of adventure

Go beyond the ordinary and ignite Dad’s sense of adventure with a bottle of curious Welsh Absinthe. A modern Welsh Absinthe with soft anise aromas and herbaceous florals with mellow wormwood tones.
Traditionally, absinthe is prepared by placing a sugar cube on an absinthe spoon, which then rests on the rim of an absinthe glass. Ice-cold water slowly drips over the sugar cube into the glass, causing the absinthe to louche, a process in which the drink turns cloudy and opalescent. This louche effect is because of the mixture of water with the essential oils present in the absinthe. Curious about meeting our Green Dragon? Tap to buy your bottle of Welsh Absinthe.


Treat and celebrate Father’s Day in style this year by choosing a gift that reflects his love for fine spirits. From our curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath collection and commemorative Steeltown Gins and Vodka, there are so many options to choose from. Our Welsh spirits pay tribute to the people of Wales, with many of our products inspired by industry, the resilience and hard work of those involved, and the no-nonsense yet easy-going spirits of the Welsh, much like our dad’s! Let us help you create a memorable Father’s Day and toast to the incredible dads who have shaped our lives. Visit us for an experience at the distillery in Newport, South Wales, or keep up with us on Facebook to see the markets we are attending every weekend. Join us as we raise a glass to the fathers of Wales this month and celebrate Father’s Day.