Spirit of Wales is feeling the love this Saint Dwynwens Day / Valentine’s and to celebrate we’re hosting a month filled with hugs, kisses and lovable wishes. We also have fabulous couple deals on drinks or offers for a lush date or night out.

Better than socks and roses, Valentine’s Day Gifts

Nothing says “Be my Valentine” like a bottle of handcrafted Welsh gins, vodkas and rums. Celebrate love and get that gin or rum lover in your life a delicious bottle of commemorative Steeltown or Dragon’s Breath drinks this February, or make it a date and impress them at home with cocktails and chill. The perfect drinks for you to fall in love with together.


1 – Cupid’s Berries and Spice Deal

We have made up the perfect gift set for couples this Valentine’s. The perfect gift for your favourite couple, or buy a gift for you to share and make sultry cocktails.  Get in the mood with our berries and spice deal, a bottle of Steeltown Blueberry Gin, plus a bottle of curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Rum. Free delivery in the UK, while stock lasts. Click to get your berries and spice deal. 


Celebrate love this February with a gift from Wales


2 – Celebrate the love with a trio of award-winning mini’s

Fall in love with your new favourite drinks this Valentine’s.Get a taste of our Steeltown Welsh Vodka and Dry Gin along with the curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum mini gift pack! Order the delicious trio now. 



Distilling is a love we celebrate and share this Valentine’s Day

Join us for a date experience at the distillery in South Wales. In celebration of our love for distilling, we invite you to visit our distillery for a feast of passion this Valentine’s. Invite your partner, date or crush for an afternoon or evening out at the distillery in South Wales. Here you will enter our cave of curiosities and have the chance to tour, taste or create lush drinks during the month of love.


3 – Calling all cocktail lovers! We are hosting a special masterclass to celebrate love.

Join us for a Cocktail Lovers Masterclass and create a love elixir this Valentine’s week at our cocktail lover’s masterclass. Mix, muddle and shake your way through a trio of cocktails inspired by our love for the Welsh and delicious drinks. Impress your partner with your new cocktail skills or invite a group of single mates for a fun night out. Book your spot for the cocktail lovers masterclass. 



4 – Find the perfect pairs at a tasting night with romantic music bingo.

Find your perfect pairs this Valentine’s with Spirit of Wales Distillery with WSET tasting methods, where we can share our passion for distilling drinks inspired by the Welsh. The night starts with a romantic welcome drink, and a brief tour of the distillery before pairing 3 spirits with Fever-Tree Mixers. Get tickets for the tasting night with music bingo. 

Celebrate love with date night drinks! 

We invite you to tour, taste and create at Spirit of Wales this Valentine’s. Book a guided tour to kick off a blind date with a welcome drink before exploring our distillery and sampling 3 drinks, or scale it up and make a bottle of gin or rum together, because nothing says, I love you like a bottle of gin or rum inspired by you or your relationship and we have a great offer for you. Visit us at our South Wales distillery to celebrate love this month.


5 – Create a love potion at our gin or rum school – Get 25% off

Share the love the February and make a bottle together. Includes a welcome drink and either a 50cl bottle to take home together or 2 smaller bottles to give as a gift and share the love.  Book your tickets or copper still for 2 and get 25% off using the coupon code SPIRITLOVERS in February 2023. Don’t forget, we are also hosting our guided distillery tours and spirit school experience on 14 February 2023 from 7pm. Join us for a date night to remember.


Celebrate love this Febraury with Spirit of Wales Distillery


We hope you have an amazing St Dwynwen’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Please celebrate love with us and share the love and give us a like on Facebook or Instagram. 










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