Need to get your other half a spirited gift to show your partner some love and appreciation? Or do you need to get spirits to help set up a complete romantic table at home? Well, we have a selection of gift bundles to offer just in time for valentine’s day, ranging from spirits with perfectly paired chocolates and authentic Welsh experiences for a date night out during Valentine’s week.


Spirit of Wales Distillery Gift Guide

We have a wide range of offers to choose from and have created a guide to suit your budget and occasion, even beyond February. Find the perfect gift for your special someone, or spoil yourself today. 




Welsh Gifts for £10 or less 

Looking for the perfect gift without having to spend too much? Show your sweet side with our Welsh gifts for £10 or less. You get to choose from our range of award-winning Steeltown Welsh spirits or our curious Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum. Each mini costs just £5, so you can mix and match. 



If you’re looking to try something new, we have perfectly paired chocolates to complement each of our premium Welsh gins, vodkas, and rums. Try our forged Welsh gins with white chocolate or spiced Welsh rum, with a bar of rich dark chocolate. Perfect as a gift for that special someone you fancy or to enjoy after your Valentine’s dinner. Find out more about our range of Welsh spirits and chocolate pairings. 





Welsh Gifts for £20 or less 

Fall in love with the Spirit of Wales this February and find your perfect Welsh gifts to show your partner some appreciation and a gesture of love. If you have a budget of £20, here are some options, and have some change to spare.

First up is our 5cl award-winning trio pack, a great way to sample our original range of premium gin, vodka, and rum. The pack includes our double silver awarded Steeltown Forged Dry Gin, our Sparked Vodka of Wales with its gold medal from the gin masters, and our most sold product, our Dragon’s Breath, curiously spiced Welsh rum. Currently, on sale, click here to get your mini Welsh gift pack. 


Welsh Gifts to delight your partner


If you have already tried our spirits at a virtual tasting night or guided distillery tour in Newport, then buy your favourite 20cl bottle and we will wrap it up and send it over for you to surprise your person on Valentine’s Day. The best of our Welsh Gifts to make an impression this Valentine’s Day. Looking for something a bespoke gift? Make unique Welsh gifts by buying a Spirit of Wales glass, one of our mini gins, vodkas, or rums, and complimenting chocolate for under £20.


Spirit of Wales Distillery_Welsh Gifts for Valentine's Day




Gifts from Wales for £50 or less

If you would like to take your partner out on a date, you can take our Guided Tour Experience or Distillery Tasting night and a drink or 3. The tour lasts for around an hour, and we will take you through an immersive experience of our distillery from botanical to bottle. You even get to sample our core spirits and get a drink from our bar menu and get further discounts on Welsh gifts purchased from our speak-easy-styled bar. If so, then book your guided distillery tour tickets now and save 50% using the coupon code: WELSHLOVE (Valid until 14th of February 22)



Not in the Newport area? You can still join us for an authentic Welsh experience on Friday, 11th of February, for a spirited and lovable experience on the couch. Book your virtual tasting night for 2 people and get to taste 4 of our perfectly paired combos, including 4 drinks, mixers, and botanicals. Click to book your tickets for 2 people before Friday 4th of February 22, so we can send you your virtual tasting kit before the event. 



Looking to stock up your home bar for the summer?

Buy any of our Steeltown Double deals for £50 or less. Steeltown is a range of contemporary Welsh gins, vodkas, and rums inspired by the floral landscapes and botanical-filled coastline. It pays tribute to the men and women who spent their summers on the coast during Miner’s Fortnight. A tip of the hat to the Welsh farming, fishing, coal, and steelworkers, the women who loved them, and the children they raised. Iechyd Da. 

Get 2 bottles of our Steeltown Sparked Welsh Vodka, Steeltown Forged Dry Gin or the luscious Steeltown White Rum. Click here to shop your Welsh gifts and deals. 


Spirit of Wales Distillery_Steeltown Contemporary Welsh Gifts




Welsh Gifts for under £100 

If you really want to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day, spoil them by stocking your bar with our 50cl gift pack, with our three award-winning spirits. Available in a mini pack too, which you can find under our Welsh gifts for £10 or less, or shop now for the 50cl Welsh Trio deal. The Spirit of Wales winning Trio includes three 50cl bottles the first, forged, dry gin of Wales, the sparked vodka of Wales, and the spiced rum of Wales because if you are going to splash out on your partner, may as well be on an award-winning quality and quantity.

If you love rum and dragons, this deal is for you! Rum is on the rise, so add some spice to your love life with our curiosity-release Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum, get 2 bottles for £60 this month. 




Gifts from Wales over £100 

If you want to share something special between you and your other half, then spoil them with a unique Welsh gift for 2 people to enjoy during Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Using our beautiful copper stills for 1 or 2 people, you can create your own gin or rum masterpiece from scratch in two to three hours. Available from Monday to Friday at our distillery in Newport, South Wales, this immersive experience allows you to learn the art of distilling a unique gin or rum to enjoy at home. 


Welsh Gifts to experience the Spirit of Wales this Valentines Day


We will treat you to a wonderful time with your partner making and distilling your own spirits using the botanicals available to get the flavour you are aiming for. If you want to go all out, we offer this experience for bachelorette parties, wedding gifts, or create a bespoke gin or rum into mini bottles for your guests to take home with them. Email us now to find out more 



Share the Love with a Spirit of Wales Distillery Gift!

No matter who you are buying for on Valentine’s Day, or how much cash you have in your wallet. We have the perfect Welsh gifts to help you spark a new romance or show your lover how much they mean to you with a spirited Welsh Valentine’s Day gift or experience. 

If finding romance is not your thing, you can still join us for a drink. Who knows, your special someone may be there to sweep you off your feet? We cannot promise that, but we look forward to meeting you soon and taking you on a flavour journey with our Welsh-inspired spirits. 

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