An Indulgence from the Spirit of Wales Distillery because some things in life are better in pairs. Especially when you are pairing two amazing things like our award winning Welsh gin, vodka, and rums with handcrafted chocolates to try this World Chocolate Day.

Introducing the Spirit of Wales Distillery delicious gin, rum and vodka pairings to try this World Chocolate Day!  A range of classics to pair with Steeltown Welsh gins and vodka, or curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum. Being two of the greatest inventions in the world, chocolates and spirits paried will revolutionise the way you think about both. Chocolate is a fantastic pairing for many drinks, from hot drinks to wine, but many have not tried the complex pairing of an alcoholic spirit and classic chocolate pairing. Join us to discover our favourite Welsh Spirit and Chocolate pairings.


Delightfully dark and Spicy Welsh Rum with crafted dark chocolate.

Get a taste of the Dragon with curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum and Dark Chocolate. Delightfully dark and spicy pairing from the Spirit of Wales Distillery. Soft with mellow flavours, enjoyed especially after a meal. Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum intensifies the bitterness of the premium-crafted dark chocolate with a lasting kick of spicy sweetness.

To bring this explosion of flavour to life, take a sip of our Welsh Spiced Rum, then bite into the chocolate, followed by another sip of rum and look out for the hint of citrus and cloves which combine to form sweet cola aromas and caramel spice.


How to pair gin and chocolate this World Chocolate Day?

Are you curious to find out what flavours we can enhance when combining gin and chocolate? A gin and chocolate pairing brings out the flavours of our favourite food and treats to encompass your senses, a great pairing option for World Gin Day too. Our second and most popular spirit and chocolate pairing is a mesmerizing mix of our Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin and White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate. Gin can take up an array of botanical additions and garnish with no limits on the flavour combinations. Chocolate is rich and creamy, with an assortment of textures and flavours. When gin and chocolate come together, it is a dance of joy on your palette.

Gin provides a backdrop for chocolate to shine and to brighten the fruity botanicals. When trying our Spirit of Wales, award-winning Steeltown Welsh Gin and the Spirit of Wales White Chocolate or Milk chocolate pairing. Start by smelling your gin, add a drop of water to awaken the aromas, add your different botanicals and garnish. Once completed, add your favourite mixers, stir gently, and allow to settle. When you are ready for a delightful flavour journey, take a sip of your gin and wait around ten seconds before biting into the chocolate. Top tip! Ice hardens chocolate, which will mute the flavour of the chocolate as it will not melt in your mouth, skip the ice, or add a small ice cube rather than a drop of water.


The easiest pairing for a milder gin is white chocolate. Gin is an excellent match because of its delicateness and herbal notes of Juniper, which adds layers of depth to complement the chocolate. Made from cocoa butter and sugar, the floral notes in gin enhance white chocolate. An aromatic feast for the senses! Luxurious white chocolate with a luxurious creamy texture. Exciting and exotic, with big flavours to bring out the notes of our Welsh Gin.

Best Pairs: Award winning, Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and white chocolate.


A Welsh Vodka and Milk or Caramel Delights for World Chocolate Day.

Our final pairing of spirits and chocolates to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Steeltown Welsh Vodka with a bright, crisp note paired with smooth and creamy milk or caramel chocolate is simply dreamy. This pairing is a complex blend of vanilla sweetness with a dry peppery spice, Steeltown Welsh Vodka combined with milk chocolate results in a full-bodied taste experience. The perfect combination to try this World Chocolate Day.


By combining the Steeltown Welsh Vodka and chocolate, your tastebuds go through a contemporary blend of complex cereal notes, and fresh bread aromas with delicate citrus-like freshness and pepper notes. Expressive with hints of vanilla, earthy cereal husk and crushed black pepper for characters, and filtered through Welsh Anthracite, leaving you with a brightly cleansed palette and a warm feeling as you sip it.

Did you know? World Chocolate Day is celebrated because on this day in 1950, chocolate was first introduced to Europe. The day was first celebrated in 2009 when chocolate lovers around the world indulged in this delectable treat. Celebrate World Chocolate Day with the Spirit of Wales Chocolate and Welsh Spirit pairings.