The European Football Championship, commonly known as the UEFA Euro 2020, or just Euro 2020 is upon us. Postponed last year because of the lockdowns, the 16th European Championship already has us on the edge of our seats and supporting Wales.


The Euro 2020 Championship


Hosted by the Union of European Football Association, this quadrennial international men’s football championship kicked off on the 11th of June 2021 in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. The UEFA Championship brings Europe’s top national teams together over 51 matches this June and July. This year Wales is back in the game after five years. The tournament includes 24 sides who play across 11 host cities.

The tournament ends on the 11th of July 2021, in England at Wembley Stadium This year the Euros championship is being held across the European continent; rather than by a single nation. Host cities include Rome, Baku, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Seville and Munich. Is it Euro 2020 or Euro 2021? Even though the tournament had a year’s delay, we are excited because it means that as a new distillery, we can get involved. Also, the reason it’s called the Euro 2020 Championship, and not the Euro 2021 championship. It took us a while to figure this out after tasting our Blueberry Gin last week.



Did you know? This time last year, we were busy with our recipes for our premium distilled Welsh Gin, Steeltown Welsh Vodka, and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum.


Supporting the Welsh for Euro 2020.


According to Gary Lineker, the Welsh team played brilliantly 5 years ago, and qualifying is a tremendous achievement. At the Spirit of Wales Distillery, we believe we are stronger together and are rooting for the team during the group A-stages and beyond. We are collaborating with Drink Welsh to ensure that you get the best deals on our Welsh spirits and experiences during the Euro 2020 Championship.



Together Stronger, we have some great Euro 2020 deals for you!


Join us for the next 4 weeks for some exciting promotions we are running during Euros 2020. Here is a free planner from Drink Welsh to help you plan your tournament and support the Welsh team.


Option 1: Join a Guided Distillery Tour and Tasting.

Explore and discover the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport.We welcome you to visit our distillery in Newport in the south of Wales. Discover the Spirit of Wales and celebrate all things Welsh with us as we take you on a tour of our distillery and then delight you with our premium distilled Welsh Spirit tastings.

The Spirit of Wales. A great destination to discover our Welsh spirits that embody a rich cultural heritage with our premium distilled Welsh spirits and Fever-Tree pairings. At the moment, we limit this experience to 15 attendees, so get hold of your friends, family or partner and join us at our Welsh Distillery. We look forward to meeting you at our distillery in Newport, South Wales. 

During Euros 2020, you get 50% off our guided distillery tour and tasting, which takes place in Newport, Wales. Use the coupon code EUROS50 at the checkout. On the days where Wales are playing, these tours will be available on our online store for free. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, where we will publish the Euro 2020 coupon codes on match day!


     Euro 2020 Deals from the Spirit of Wales Distillery Facebook page.


Option 2: Score and Save on Our Limited Release Distillation Welsh Spirits.

The Spirit of Wales Distillery has a range of limited release distillation Welsh spirits on offer for 10% less when you use the coupon code EUROS2020. Are you ready to #drinkwelsh for Wales Euro 2020 matches? Select from our range of distillery release Welsh Dry Gin or Blueberry Gin. Or if you prefer a delicious rum, try our distillery released White Rum or lightly spiced rum made with Cassia Bark. If you are looking for a delicious lemony vodka, we filter ours through Welsh Anthracite and its tasty winner.


Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Welsh Rums on the bar in the Newport distillery


We pride ourselves on creating practical everyday spirits that focus on flavour and taste. Inspired by the industry and Welsh passion, we introduce our range of contemporary Welsh gins, Welsh Vodka and Spiced Welsh Rum.

Our Dry Welsh Gin has sweet floral characteristics and bursts of citrus and menthol spice. Our distillery release Welsh vodka is complex with delicate citrus and pepper tones, While, our spiced rum captures the fire of our dragon, who ignites caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla. Combined with sweet spice built upon woody notes and black pepper.

Spirit of Wales Distillery releases Welsh Gin, Vodka, and Rum. Created for you! #TogetherStronger