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When we first try out a product, we launch it under our Spirit of Wales Distillery release Welsh Spirit’s range. We call these spirits our people’s spirits, because, like the rest of our range, inspired by you and once you like them, we add them to the range of Steeltown contemporary gins and vodka or our curiously Welsh Dragon’s Breath inventions.

Available for a limited time, these small-batch spirits are released every new season until stock lasts Available to sample during any of our tasting nights, guided tours and gin or rum school experiences, you can also pick up a bottle directly from the distillery or at a market in South Wales over the weekends.



Spring is coming up soon and before we know it, we will have lush sunshine and the need for some light, crisp drinks. We are busy working on some small new batch distillery release rum recipes, but were wondering, do you have any fresh flavour ideas for spring rum, vodka or gins? Let us know on Facebook and while you’re there give our page a like to see when our new rum launches!

The Spirit of Wales Distillery releases Welsh Gin, Vodka, and Rum. Created for you to taste and enjoy!


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