Cocktails have a long history and give you a vast arrangement of scents and flavours. Celebrate World Cocktail Day this Spring with the Spirit of Wales Distillery.


What is World Cocktail Day?

The Balance and Columbian Repository coined the term cocktail on this day in 1806. Defined as a stimulating drink with a variety of sweet mixes, bitters, and waters. Cocktails became popular in the United Kingdom during the 19th century. Bartenders from around the world were delighting their guests with complex concoctions, flaring and mixology. Pouring these sneaky drinks during prohibition gave rise to a new trend of Cocktail Porn with eclectic combinations of flavour in a glass. During times of prohibition, many speakeasy bars and pubs served these mixed drinks. Cocktails were a great way to hide and smuggle spirits whilst making the low-quality alcohol more palatable. They mixed many cocktails we love and know today.

Here are five exciting ways you can celebrate and get involved with World Cocktail Day.


Stock up your home bar on World Cocktail Day

When creating a variety of cocktails, it is best to have three base spirits, including Gin, Vodka and Rum. The Spirit of Wales currently has five limited edition distillery releases of Welsh Spirits available. If you purchase them during May 2021, you get 10% off when you use the discount coupon TASTEWALES10. Stock up your bar and start creating your own Welsh Cocktails. Try our Welsh Vodka filtered through Anthracite from Ammanford in Wales or our Caribbean inspired White Rum, all made from our distillery in Newport, Wales.

Spirit of Wales limited release distillery collection


Spice things up with a new Welsh gin cocktail recipe

Whether you are a lover of Gin, delighted by Vodka or mesmerised by Rum, there is a cocktail recipe out there for you! Bright and uplifting, the Bramble is a classic gin cocktail ideal for Spring and Cocktail Day. Combined with our Welsh Gin, there is a complexity of sweetness and bold juniper with a bright, lasting finish. Or, if you have some time to spare and are looking for a delightful gin cocktail, the Spirit of Wales’ Earl Grey Infused Welsh Gin is the way to go. This cocktail takes about three hours to prepare but is worth the wait.

Spirit of Wales Distillery Bramble and Earl Grey Infused gin cocktails


Cocktails and Chill

You have heard of Netflix and Chill, but have you heard of cocktails and chill? Let us tell you how it works. Spend the night binge-watching your favourite series or films, grab some snacks and make yourself a cocktail or two. If films are not your thing, you could always listen to your favourite playlist, have fun with some board games or play drinking games.


Try a cocktail and chocolate pairing.

A mix of our two favourite things, cocktails and chocolate. A meeting place for the perfect pairing this World Cocktail Day. Awaken your taste buds with our Spirit of Wales distillery release Welsh Spirits and chocolate pairings. Top Tip: We know you love the milkiness of chocolate, but keep the portion small, or it overpowers your spirit. Keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with whatever premium distilled spirit and chocolate pairing you try this World Cocktail Day.

Pairing 1: Gin and White Chocolate
With a similar foundation, this pairing of delicate gin botanicals and the subtle, rich, and creamy flavours of your chocolate is our favourite indulgence. The tastiest pairing for a milder gin is white chocolate. Gin is an excellent match because of its delicate flavour and herbal notes of juniper – which adds layers of depth to complement the chocolate.

Pairing 2: Spiced Rum and Dark Chocolate.
Chocolate and rums both have similar origins with similar climates, and both have a complexity of flavours. Our spiced rum has intense notes to combine to add creamy, woody, and fruity notes that enhance the chocolate.

Spirit of Wales Gin and Chocolate Pairing for World Cocktail Day


Join a Spirit of Wales Virtual Tasting

On selected Fridays, we host a Virtual Tasting, a simple way to sample four of our premium distilled Welsh Spirits this Cocktail Day. We provide everything you need, from the botanicals to the Fever-Tree Mixers. There are even some chocolates and Jones Crisps to enjoy. The two-hour event includes a live guided tasting hosted from our distillery in Newport, South Wales. A video tour of the Spirit of Wales Distillery, some comedic entertainment with our good friend Rick Wright, and an interactive quiz. Limited tickets are available so book your space for our upcoming events during May and June 2021. Save £10.00 using the coupon code VIRTUALWALES in the checkout once you have selected your dates.

Top-Tip: Have a glass of water between each drink to keep you hydrated and help with the hangover! Please be responsible and use a taxi if you are travelling once, you have had your cocktails.

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