Spirit of Wales Distillery - Steeltown Welsh White Rum 5cl

Steeltown Welsh White Rum (New)


A Molasses, White Rum with a Rich Velvety Finish

Molasses-based White Welsh Rum with Crisp notes of fresh-cut grass intermingled with deep aromas of toffee, soft baking spices, and oak. Inspired by the steel and coal workers of South Wales, a tip of the hat to the Welsh fishing industry that still feeds our nation today. Iechyd da

A contemporary white rum made in Newport, Wales

Look out for the sticky sweet toffee pudding from the onset, followed by vanilla custard and a cascade of complex vegetal elements and bold molasses tones. Rich laced notes of cloves and oak mouth-filling velvety finish.


As the seasons change, so do we. Our limited-release white rum is now Steeltown Welsh White Rum. Steeltown is a contemporary range of premium Welsh gins, vodkas, and rum. Inspired by two juxtaposed landscapes, the coal and steel industries of Wales and the fauna and flora of the region.



Steeltown is the Spirit of Wales’ practical everyday spirits that focus on the taste inspired by the industry and fruity florals from the region.

We invite you to enjoy a bottle of our commemoration, Steeltown Welsh spirits that capture the floral landscapes, and the fishing and farming communities in the surrounding areas. Join us on a flavour journey of Welsh passion that pays tribute to the steel, coal, and mining industries that built Wales.

Join us for a Welsh Cocktail

With every bottle of premium Spirit of Wales product, we celebrate Wales, and our cocktails are no different. Choose from some traditional cocktails with a Welsh twist, or try one of our specialty cocktails, created in Wales, for you!


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