Spirit of Wales Distillery Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum - 20cl

Spirit of Wales Distillery Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum


The Spiced Rum of Wales 

Grab some passionate Welsh flavour! With our award-winning Dragon’s Breath lightly Spiced Rum. Perfect on its own or in a cocktail. This is one you have to try. Made in #Newport, South #Wales, and inspired by our Celtic Heritage and Red Dragon.

Spiced by Y Ddraig Gogh

Breathe in the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon; on the backdrop of sticky caramel and cloves. Next, taste a light, fruity start, followed by warming Dragon’s Breath clove spice and woody cinnamon. A beautifully light and spicy sip.

Award-winning Spiced Welsh Rum 

Bronze awarded Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum Spirit is produced in Newport, South Wales at the Spirit of Wales Distillery.



Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath is an oak-aged premium specialty spirit that captures the spicy fire of the dragon. This range features lightly spiced rum and spirits infused with cinnamon and vanilla with undertones of caramel. Light and fruity with sweet spice, woody notes, and black pepper.

Try our Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum today and ignite the Welsh within.

Cocktails by Spirit of Wales

With every bottle of premium Spirit of Wales product, we celebrate Wales and their Celtic and industrial history that inspire us. Our castle is our distillery where ignite flavour from our red dragon.

1 review for Spirit of Wales Distillery Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum

  1. Lauren Dyer

    An absolute delicious spiced rum, highly recommend! So smooth and well spiced goes perfectly with a good ginger beer

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