Looking for a fabulous treat for adults this Easter. Celebrate Easter in style this year with Spirit of Wales Distillery. We have a tasty chocolatey delight for you, along with one of our Welsh gins, vodkas, or rums.

We all love a good food pairing, which is why we created our perfect pairs for our range of premium drinks. We carefully chose each of our spirits and chocolate pairings to accentuate the flavour notes of the chocolate and the spirits. Now you can have an adult Easter hunt full of chocolates and drinks, a cocoa inspired feast with soft botanicals.

If you are new to food pairings or not sure which chocolate is best for your favourite spirit, we have put together a handy guide to get you started. Speaking of getting started, gin is a great way to experiment with chocolate and spirits, as they both start with earthy botanicals that compliment dry gins especially.


Experience Gin in a New Way

Excite your senses with a gin and chocolate pairing from our distillery in Newport. The sweetness of the chocolate forms perfectly with the resinous and bold juniper of the Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin from Spirit of Wales Distillery. Look out for a burst of lemon with a fresh finish and hints of violet, rosemary, and cardamom.

If you prefer white chocolate, then expect a more delicate botanical mix if paired with a dry gin. Our solid recommendation is to try our white chocolate with naturally sweetened Steeltown Blueberry Welsh Gin. For a milder pairing, try it with a Fever-Tree Premium Lemonade or for an extra burst of botanicals, Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water. It reminds us of the milky mix of fruity chocolate, but with an adult surprise.



Get Dark and Spicy with this Easter Pair

Get a taste of the Welsh Dragon this Easter with Spirit of Wales Distillery Dark Chocolate and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum.

Our Dark chocolate has all the good things in a dark chocolate bar, but when paired with our spiced Welsh rum its elevated to a rich velvety treat. This pleasant combination creates a sweet cola aroma with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. This combination has a light citrus finish, complemented by dark chocolate.



Sparked Vodka with Salted Caramel Chocolate

This is a food and drinks pairing you don’t want to miss if you love Easter and chocolate. An interesting combination of salted cocoa nibs from the Spirit of Wales Salted Caramel chocolate along with bursts of peppercorns and citrus from our Steeltown Welsh Vodka.

For this pairing, the Anthracite filtered Welsh Vodka’s delicate blend of complex cereal notes and pepper form a sublime mix with salted cocoa nibs. Smooth and subtle, they are a great pairing for vodka and chocolate lovers alike.



If you’re a foodie and you have not yet tried a spirit and chocolate pairing, you are certainly missing out. From gin lovers to vodka lovers, there is a pairing for you. Get everything you need to create your perfectly paired Easter treats.

Not sure which of our spirits you would like to try? Why not join us for a guided tour at our Newport Distillery in South Wales this Easter. 



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