It is National Vodka Day! We invite you to celebrate the passion of the Welsh with us and our gold awarded Steeltown Triple Grain and Steeltown Single Wheat Grain Welsh Vodkas.

Our biggest reason to celebrate National Vodka Day

We recently won 2 gold medals from The Spirits Business for The Vodka Masters 2021 competition.

Our clean, contemporary blended grain Steeltown Welsh Vodka has soft vanilla and black peppercorn aromas. Next, you will taste complex cereal notes, bread-like and spicy, backed by delicate citrus-like freshness and black pepper bite, followed by a bright and cleansing finish.

Find out more about out Steeltown Welsh Vodka wins or view The Vodka Masters 2021 results.


Steeltown Welsh Vodka Deal

Celebrate National Vodka Day with our Vodka Day Deal.  Perfect for simple vodka drinks and elaborate vodka cocktails.

Get two bottles of our Steeltown Welsh Vodka this October to make your own vodka cocktails. Just for £50.00 and Includes free delivery in the UK.

Load the flavour and brighten up your palate, with our commemorative Steeltown Welsh Vodka. Made with Welsh water and filtered through Anthracite or Welsh coal from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales.

Perfectly Paired Vodka Drinks

Try our perfect pairs. Our contemporary Steeltown Welsh Vodka combined with Fever-Tree Mixers. We chose Fever-Tree as our partner because we like to mix with the best, and they offer sugar free alternatives and have a range of products to match our existing products and any new spirits we make in the future.

Here are three of our favourite vodka drinks pairing to try on National Vodka Day.

  1. Steeltown Single Wheat Grain Welsh Vodka and Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda
  2. Steeltown Triple Grain Welsh Vodka with Fever-Tree Madagascan Cola – seen below
  3. Steeltown Triple Grain Welsh Vodka with Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda


Indulge your senses with our vodka and chocolate pairing

Take full advantage of Vodka day and turn it into a vodka month. A weekend indulgence you have to try, Steeltown Welsh Vodka paired with Spirit of Wales Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Smooth & creamy milk chocolate infused with Cornish Sea Salt™ and natural caramel flavour. Made with sustainably sourced cocoa from The Ivory Coast, handcrafted in Cornwall. What more could you ask for in a vodka day indulgence?

Find out more about the Spirit of Wales chocolate and spirit pairings.

The perfect pairing to try this National Vodka Day from the Spirit of Wales Distillery


Join us for our next LIVE tasting event and try our Welsh Vodka

Let’s have some Welsh fun at our LIVE tasting event where you get to try our premium Welsh spirits, which are inspired by the passion of the Welsh.

Invite your friends and family around the UK to join or have some fun with us from home for the perfect date night. Book your ticket to join us live from the distillery before spaces are all gone. If you are joining us virtually, we will send over a tasting kit before the event.

Our live tasting event is hosted from Newport, South Wales every 2nd Friday of the month. Join us virtually from anywhere in the UK or at the distillery. We send out a virtual tasting kit before this event, so book ahead to ensure you get yours in time for our next event on the 12th of November 2021.

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