Introducing the Spirit of Wales Distillery signature release Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum Spirit. A thought-provoking spirit that captures the Celtic heritage of Wales and the essence of the red dragon, who provides and takes care of the Welsh.


Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom, 2 July 2021 – The Spirit of Wales distillery has a passion for the Welsh nation. From providing drinks inspired by the fishing, farming, mining, and steel industries to the fruity florals of the area. Each product created by the Newport based distillery in South Wales captures the essence of the Welsh.

Dragon’s Breath is a specialty, Spiced Welsh Rum Spirit. Ignited with light spice from the red dragon (Y Ddraig Goch). The new rum distilled in Newport and created for the passionate people of Wales. A symbol of the strength of history and culture. The most recognisable symbol associated with Wales on the bottle combined with the words of renowned poet W. H. Davies. The Spirit of Wales Distillery has captured the power and authority of the red dragon of the Welsh nation in their Dragon’s Breath lightly Spiced Rum. The Welsh Spiced Rum provides a hint of fresh citrus and cloves, which combine to form sweet cola aromas. Dragon’s Breath, infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and an underlying sticky caramel to delight the taste buds.

Sales of flavoured and spiced rum are on an upward trend in the UK and right up with whiskey and gin as a consumer favourite. Performing better during the pandemic, with an off-trade growth for its versatility and accessibility to create cocktails at home. Helping home cocktails mixologists put a twist on well-known classics like the Pina Colada or Mojito. Wanting to create a golden rum with a fiery kick, without neglecting the subtle aromatic notes, the team at the Spirit of Wales has a unique process to create the dragon-inspired Spiced Welsh Rum.

The citrus found in Dragon’s Breath provides a light and fruity first sip, followed by an ignition of clove spice and warm cinnamon that lingers in the background. The Spirit of Wales Distillery has mastered a subtle woody flavour in their Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum Spirit, with the warm feeling of mouth-tingling pepper. Produced from white rum, the Spirit of Wales Dragon’s Breath seeps with botanicals added over two weeks. During this time, the craft distillery macerates the rum in contact with repurposed bourbon barrels. During the first week, vanilla and cinnamon rest in the white rum at 45% ABV, while orange peel, cloves, allspice, and cassia bard are added in the second week for further resting. Once completed, the Spirit of Wales Distillery team filters, bottles the Welsh Rum, seals the bottles, and stamps the Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum.

Daniel Dyer, the founder of the distillery, commented; “Creating an original molasses to glass Spiced Rum spirit, made in Wales at our distillery from scratch, has been one of our aims from the beginning. He added, “The spiciness of our Dragon’s Breath at 45% ABV holds the taste good with any mixer and is delightful as a sipping rum, too.” While head distiller; James Gibbons said, “We kept it simple and punchy with our first Dragon’s Breath release, fragrant, warming and a spicy bite on the finish. We’re already working on a couple of variations for later in the year.”

Dragon’s Breath Original Spiced Welsh Rum is available in a 5cl and 50 cl bottle and available directly from the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport or the online store. The perfect destination to celebrate the Welsh, explore the heritage of Wales and its Celtic origins. Visit the distillery for a guided tour to find out more about the Welsh dragon that ignited the thinking behind Dragon’s Breath Spiced Rum. The team at the distillery offer tastings of their Welsh Gin, Vodka, and Rum from your home or on the premises in South Wales. The Spirit of Wales Distillery is a place to enjoy a Welsh cocktail, celebrate your next team victory or host your friends and family.


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About the Spirit of Wales Distillery

Formed in October 2020, the Spirit of Wales distillery is a no-nonsense Welsh spirits producer, in Newport, South Wales. Proud of its origins and cultural background, inspired by the passionate people of Wales. The Spirit of Wales range consists of limited release distillation Welsh spirits, Steeltown contemporary styled spirits including, Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with citrus sweetness and juniper notes. Steeltown Welsh Vodka filtered through Anthracite from Ammanford and Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum. Or visit the Newport distillery for a guided tour and tasting experience. Find the perfect pairing with Fever-Tree Mixers and Tonics or delight in the Spirit of Wales chocolate pairings to match each of their premium Welsh Spirits. Celebrate all things Welsh with the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport. Uncomplicated and unpretentious for all to enjoy.

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