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The Spirit of Wales Distillery can help you bring your craft spirit ideas to life from our premises in Newport!

Are you looking to create your own unique premium distilled Welsh spirits?

Do you want us to bottle our Welsh spirits as a private label brand for your team, business, charity, network, or association? With our custom spirit offerings, your craft spirits ideas can become a reality.

The Spirit of Wales Distillery can assist you with parts of your journey or guide and assist you through the entire spirit creation process.

Looking for a new recipe for a handcrafted batch of gin you have been dreaming of sipping?

We offer business consultations at our distillery in Newport, South Wales or can meet you online.The Spirit of Wales Distillery will assist you with recipe and product development and quality assurance. Depending on the number of bottles of Welsh spirits you are producing with us, we will even assist you with your brand design, bottling and personalised wax stamps.

Get in touch with us to produce your own custom and bespoke Welsh Gin or Welsh Rum with the Spirit of Wales Distillery.

Tier 1: Recipe Development

Recipe Development

When we create a recipe for you at the Spirit of Wales Distillery, we keep you as involved as possible. The process starts with a recipe consultation at our distillery in Newport, or via Teams. After this consultation, we begin your recipe development and provide you with two sets of samples of your recipe. Once ready, we have a laboratory day to complete your product specifications. Upon completion of your recipe, you will have exclusive rights to it when it is handed over.

Essential Bottle and Label Development

This session allows you to choose from our range of in-house bottles and closures. We provide basic design templates using our existing labels. If you would prefer to choose a different bottle shape or design, please provide us with a sample bottle to work out your batch size. You would need to supply us with the bottles and labels for the last stages of production.

Packaging and Design Referrals

If you would prefer your own branded labels, we can provide you with our design template for your selected bottle. This gives you the freedom to create a design and print your own labels. We also have design and printing partners to refer you to. Please note – We can provide this service in-house on orders of 600 bottles or more for a small design fee.



Tier 2: Recipe Production

Once we have completed your recipe, it goes into production at our distillery in Newport, South Wales. We provide the option to produce a recipe that you already have too. This would require a consultation with our head distiller before production starts.

Production types include:

  • Bulk In-house Recipe Creation
  • Bulk Blended Production
  • Bulk Macerated Production
  • Bulk Distilled Production




Tier 3: Recipe Bottling

Upon, completion of production of your handcrafted Welsh spirit. We will bottle, wax seal and label your product for delivery or collection from Newport.

Our bottling process includes:

  • Bottling of in-house recipes
  • Bottling of in-house blended production
  • Bottling of in-house macerated production
  • Bottling of in-house distillation production

*Please note we provide this service if the Spirit of Wales Distillery is involved in your recipe development and production.

Tailor make your next spirit creation at the Spirit of Wales Distillery!

We are open and flexible to create a variety of premium Welsh spirits. There are some limitations though, depending on if you are looking for an on-shelf product within the Spirit of Wales range of Welsh Gin, Vodka and Rums. This offer is only valid for 100 (50cl) bottles or more.

There are three different levels of service on offer for our contract distilling, from recipe development to production and then finally bottling your product.

Contact us today to discuss your next tailor-made spirit creation.

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