Ever wondered what makes a gin, a gin? Or how dry gin gets its unique and sophisticated flavours? What are the legal requirements to refer to a spirit as a gin? And what different botanicals and flavours found in this complex spirit. Discover how we make our premium distilled Spirit of Wales first release Dry Welsh Gin. A gin is a spirit distilled above 37,5% ABV with the most predominant flavour of juniper (by law). There are a few other variations and additions, including your London style gin, distilled gin and compounded gin, each with their own unique quality levels. To be called a gin, the spirit should have a juniper first flavour and neutral based alcohol.


What are juniper berries, and where do they come from?

Although we know juniper as a berry, it is biologically similar to a pine cone and grows globally. The ‘common juniper’ is used to make gin and gives gin its piney aromas. We source our juniper from the Alpine regions of the Mediterranean, including Macedonia and Northern Greece.

Juniper branch with fresh berries


The botanicals found in the Spirit of Wales first release Welsh Gin

We add over a dozen botanicals to our Welsh Gin for an added depth of flavour. Coriander seed provides citrus notes alongside lemon peel and grapefruit peel. From there, we add a mixture of spices, including cardamom, orris root and cassia bark. And finally, some rosemary to give it a floral and herbaceous element.

Welsh Dry Gin botanicals - Juniper, rosemary, orris root, fennel seed


Our Welsh Gin Serving Suggestion

As you can see, gin is a complex mixture of premium distilled alcohol that’s juniper first in flavour with complex botanicals and spices. We recommend serving our dry Welsh gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water for bursts of grapefruit, orange marmalade and lemon.

Virtual tasting Welsh gin with tonic, juniper and orange botanicals


Taste our Dry Welsh Gin

We have just launched our first Spirit of Wales Distillery Experience. A virtual tour and tasting where you get to explore our premium distilled Welsh Spirits, including our first limited release distillation Welsh dry gin. The event takes place every Friday evening from 19:00 to 21:00 and includes a hosted virtual event from the comfort of your home. Included in the event is information about our limited release spirits, a video tour of our distillery, and an interactive quiz. Once you have booked your ticket, we will send you a virtual tasting kit with four Welsh spirits, four mixers, various botanicals and some other surprise goodies.

Book your ticket today and get £10.00 off using the coupon VIRTUALTASTING, or find out more about our gin botanicals. 

Spirit of Wales Distillery Discount Coupon with Welsh Gin

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